Vinyasa Flow for a Healthy Back

A style of yoga that is more physically demanding and yet very well designed to improve posture and create a balance between muscle strength and flexibility.

Classes are aimed at re-educating the body and mind to form a correct posture, loosening parts of the body which tend to accumulate tension (shoulders, neck, lower back ..) and strengthening those parts that are responsible for the proper position of the spine (abs, legs, back...). During classes, static poses and dynamic sequences alternate harmoniously, incorporating the teachings of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar styles.

The course is suitable for people of varying physical capabilities. During the class, variants of the poses are suggested to meet individual needs.

The sessions end with a well deserved guided relaxation, where - thanks to intense practice - the body is loosened and the mind calms down easily.

Students will learn to have a deep awareness of their body by detaching the mind from everyday worries.

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