Workshops and seminars

December 12 (Saturday) 16.30-19.00 in via Coroneo 15 (studio Espande) TRIESTE
  • 60 minutes of functional anatomy to increase consciousness of your lower back
  • 90 minutes of pure yoga focused on releasing tension and putting theory into practice
  • A collection of exercises so you can continue to practice at home
If it hurts to stand on your feet for a long time (for example, standing in line), or walking, and you feel like leaning forward or sitting down.... or if you feel any tension when leaning forward... or you're simply sitting down many hours a day... This workshop will help you understand how your body works and you'll learn how to improve the wellness of your back with spinal yoga. The theoretical part of the workshop is always very interesting and straightforward; in the practical part you'll learn a series of yoga exercises and poses that favorably move these parts of your body. This means a balanced posture and a happy back :)

To book, call +39 340-858-5740
or write to [email protected]

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  • By Veronika Vasko
  • 12/12/2015